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Natural recipes to firm flabby skin

Natural recipes to firm flabby skin
To end up with sagging skin and stimulate the muscles can take a hot bath with sea salt. In addition to reaffirming the skin, it helps to unify the tom.
Sagging is a nightmare for many of us, because it can be difficult to fight, even more as the years go by. The best way to tone the body eliminate excess fat and exercise the muscles, which can be achieved with some aerobic activity, such as jogging and weight training.

Physical exercises can reduce sagging of some parts of the body, such as stomach, legs, arms and butt, but in regard to the area under the eyes, under the Chin (the famous "double Chin") and her breasts?
Well, in these cases, you can use natural recipes that, although not eliminate sagging, help to reduce the problem.
Home remedies to reduce flab

In your refrigerator and pantry will find multiple perfect ingredients to make your skin more beautiful. Other products, such as vitamin E and some essential oils, for example, might need to be purchased in specialist shops in natural products or pharmacies, but all are very easy to find. With everything prepared, put into practice:

Egg whites, yogurt and honey

The egg white is famous for its moisturizing capabilities. Beat the egg white in snow (you may need more than one), mix with a pot of plain yogurt and honey. Apply on the breasts and the facial skin and let stand for at least 20 minutes. Remove with warm water.

Massage with natural oils

You can use natural oils, like avocado or vitamin E to massage the skin daily. This increases the hydration, stimulates blood circulation and reduces sagging. The olive oil, almond oil, coconut and shea butter are also good options.

Baking soda scrub

To eliminate dead cells and help the skin absorb the substances it needs to fight the flab, you can use an exfoliant made with baking soda mixed with a little water. Apply a mask made of banana, olive oil and honey after you exfoliate your skin, to get a firming effect.

Tomato juice
The nightshade can be an important ally of your beauty. Squeeze the pulp of a ripe tomato and pass through a sieve to separate the waste. Use a piece of cotton to apply on the skin. Let stand for 15 minutes and rinse with cold water.

Cucumber and avocado mask

Moisturizing and toning, the avocado blends well with the astringency of cucumber, which removes excess oils from the skin and leaves a little brighter. Mix the two ingredients (prefer very ripe avocados), preparing a mask must be used immediately on the skin because the avocado oxidizes quickly on contact with the air (resulting in unpleasant brown colour). In addition to firm the skin, this mask has antioxidant powers.

Other tips to prevent sagging:

Drink plenty of water, sleep well and reduce the level of stress are basic tips that help maintain the beauty of the body and the quality of life. Here we give you some more advice that is worth taking into consideration when we want to have a skin firmer, hydrated and smoother:
Use the good old sunscreen

Apply sunscreen is the best way to protect your skin and slow aging. Always have a good sunscreen, SPF of at least 30, adapted to your skin tone. This will lessen and delay the appearance of wrinkles and sagging.
Eat foods that help fight the flab

Did you know that oats are fundamental to the production of collagen. That's because it contains silicon, a mineral that is part of the Constitution of this substance, fundamental to firm the skin, and the production by the body decreases as we age. The delicious
red fruits, such as strawberries and raspberries, are also rich in antioxidants and allies of beautiful skin. The salmon is another delightful ingredient which can be included in your diet to maintain the body

Avoid processed foods

White sugar, white flour, starch and other "white" foods, highly refined, are bad for your skin health and contribute to the sagging, obesity, glucose spikes (which can lead to diabetes) and other problems. Replace them with natural sweeteners (such as honey or stevia), integral flours and organic products, little processed. A healthy diet ensures that you'll be beautiful from the inside out, and it's good for everything.

Papaya juice to fight flab

Consume vitamin A sources

Carrot, pumpkin, papaya and mango, Orange, foods are rich in vitamin A, present in collagen formation, critical to firm the skin. You can prepare green juices using the carrot and mango, and delicious soups with the pumpkin.

And despite the sagging be something inevitable, which is part of the aging process, you po

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