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12 reasons to have hydrogen peroxide at home

12 reasons to have hydrogen peroxide at home

Hydrogen peroxide, commonly known as hydrogen peroxide is the only antiseptic agent composed only by water and oxygen. He is considered a safe substance, able to kill harmful microorganisms by oxidation, which is simply a process of controlled burning.

Many people tend to have hydrogen peroxide at home as part of the first aid kit, and use it to clean minor cuts and sores on the skin. However, she is also a powerful nontoxic disinfectant and can be used with several different purposes.

After all, it's a cheap substance, so we will list 12 reasons to have hydrogen peroxide at home, using it in different ways on a daily basis in our home.

Sanitize wooden boards

The plank of wood we use to cut the food is the perfect place for the proliferation of bacteria. Instead of using chemicals that can harm the health and food, clean it with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar.

Wash fruits and vegetables

Since it is a non-toxic product, hydrogen peroxide can be used to sanitize fruits and veggies, eliminating any dirt and bacteria. Use a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide and wash the higieniz√° feed them easily and securely.

Sanitize sponges

Sponges are ideal for the build up of bacteria, so it is important to higieniz√° them using a blend that combines equal parts hydrogen peroxide and warm water. Soak the sponge in the solution for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water.

Remove stains from clothes
Hydrogen peroxide works as a COP-extremely effective spots. To remove wine stains, combine equal parts of liquid detergent and hydrogen peroxide and apply directly on the stain. Dry with a towel, wash with hot water and let it dry.

Another tip is to use it to get yellow spots that appear in the Axilla, mainly in white shirts. Prepare a solution of 1 part liquid detergent and two of hydrogen peroxide and apply to desired area. Let stand for 1 hour and rinse with cold water.

Lighten your hair

Hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent that can be used safely in her hair. Apply in wet a solution with equal parts of water and hydrogen peroxide and comb to spread throughout your hair.

This mixture will provide more natural fuses instead of a hair too of course. In addition, it allows you to clear the gradual way, without causing a drastic change.

Sanitize the toothbrush with hydrogen peroxide

The toothbrush is another place where it can accumulate germs and bacteria qque live in our bathrooms. Soak it in hydrogen peroxide to higieniz√° her and kill these microorganisms.
Treat fungus on the feet

Use equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and water to obtain a home remedy against fungi present in feet. Spray the solution on the desired area at night, especially on the fingers, and let it dry. This mixture is able to prevent the development of fungi.

Whiten your teeth

Mix peroxide and baking soda for a homemade folder able to whiten your teeth gradually, as well as mitigate blemishes if used daily. Apply, let stand for a few minutes and rinse with water.

Clean the refrigerator and dishwasher
For being a non-toxic substance, hydrogen peroxide can be used in locations that are in contact with food. Apply a little when it is clear the fridge and dishwasher, let dry and wipe with water to remove.

Remove dirt pans

Sometimes, removing the dirt pans and roasters is an extremely difficult task. To facilitate the work, combine hydrogen peroxide with baking soda until it forms a paste. Apply in the Pan and let stand for a while. Then remove using a sponge with warm water, and you will see that the dirt will come out more easily.

Combat diseases and infections

Oddly enough, the white blood cells present in our bodies produce hydrogen peroxide to combat parasites, viruses and bacteria, so this substance may be a powerful weapon in the fight against certain types of infections.

Dip the cuttings in a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide 5 to 10 minute etnie, several times a day, to obtain a significant improvement. This substance can even help cure gangrene.

Against ear infections, Ping between 6 and 8 drops of hydrogen peroxide to relieve the symptoms and fight infection. To treat sinusitis, combine a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide with a glass of chlorinated water and use as nasal spray.

Keep fungi away from plants

Next time you sprinkle water on house plants, add a little hydrogen peroxide spray to protect them and fend off fungi. The measure is a half a cup of hydrogen peroxide to 3.8

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