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5 products you should never use on skin

5 products you should never use on skin
Since not all skins are equal, it is very important to use specific products for our specific type. Avoid those containing alcohol.
The skin is the largest organ of the body and we know that is always exposed to many factors that can affect your health. Climate, diet, hydration, life habits and many beauty products we use are factors that can influence the condition of the skin, whether positive or negative, according to the care that we do.

Parts of the skin more delicate are the skin of the face and neck. In this areas there is usually more risk of suffering some kind of problem, since they are more delicate, are also parts where more products we use. Many dermatologists suggest that some products can harm the skin, since adverse reaction that feature a dry, favors the appearance of acne and other skin problems. Then, we will mention five of the products that we should never use on skin if we want always appear a radiant skin.

Many beauty tricks suggest use the vinegar (common) for problems such as acne, however it is not recommended to apply it on the skin, as the acetic acid in vinegar may cause damage in this region, especially if you have sensitive skin, open sores, cuts or burns. Therefore, this product is not recommended for the care of the skin, so it is better to discard it completely, give preference to tonics to make cleaning your skin, which can easily be found in pharmacies at prices quite affordable.

Vegetable butter

David Colbert, a dermatologist in New York aesthetic, suggests that use vegetable oil on the skin can have negative effects that are not nothing nice in skin care. It is true that many beauty products for skin use nut butters as ingredients to nourish and moisturize it. However, the expert notes that this product is heavy for the facial skin, since it blocks the pores and favouring the appearance of acne.
Sprays and shampoos for hair should be avoided in the skin of the face
An old trick to supposedly fix the makeup is to apply hair sprays in the face and so achieve a long-lasting makeup. The truth is that only can be drying the skin, due to which these products have high contents of Hairspray and alcohol, which are not good for the skin. The same goes for those people that use shampoos to clean the face, these products have chemical ingredients that are not suitable for the skin, causing irritation and dryness. To the extent possible, also avoid the contact of the shampoo in the skin of the face for long periods.
Creams with retinol

The retinol is an ingredient that promotes as an active antiacne and anti-aging, however, its use is not recommended since it is too strong for the skin, the desnutre and can make it more sensitive. In addition, in some cases it was proven that this product can produce reddening of the skin and even can get to produce a rash.
Vitamin E pure

It is true that vitamin E is good for our body and even many cosmetic companies use in their products. However, one should avoid the use of its oil directly on the skin as it can clog the pores and develop acne points. Also been known cases of reactions such as burning, swelling and/or redness when using this product directly on the skin.

Remember that not all skin types react the same way when using the different products existing in the market. That's why before using any type of product to the skin, it's nice to read the instructions and/or apply only a small amount in any area of the body, to see if you have adverse reactions.
Before buying any product or magazine, check if contains alcohol or any compound that affects your skin such as retinol
There are different skin types and it is important to learn how to identify which is the. It is important to visit a dermatologist so that he gives advice on recommended products according to your skin type.
There are many natural ingredients that help moisturize and skin care effectively and healthier. In case you want to avoid creams and expensive chemicals that exist in the market, are also a good option to take care of your skin. It is essential to check about the natural beauty treatment products, to check that they do not have any adverse reaction, because even they can give adverse reactions..

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