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It clarifies the skin for always with 3 bleaching creams

It clarifies the skin for always with 3 bleaching creams

Today having already tanned skin does not mean having the skin dark or damaged by the Sun. However many people still want to have white and healthy skin perhaps by a social issue or because they simply prefer it as well.

There are many treatments which help us to whiten the skin of our body already is the face, neck, arms, hands, and legs that are the most visible places of our body.

These treatments help to moisturize and maintain healthy our skin for a while but what happens then? Skin can undergo changes in colour and stains that are difficult to remove may even appear.

But within these natural treatments, there are some that can whiten your skin and this time forever. Creams that are prepared from natural and economical way with whitening properties.

In this article learn how to prepare your own creams and so lightens skin forever. Do not miss the opportunity to have a healthy, healthy skin and white above.
Bleaching creams that brightens the skin forever:

Orange peel and fresh milk cream

We know that milk is a moisturizer for the skin and mix with Orange will make it much more nutritious and thus get to whiten it.

To prepare this homemade cream only you should Peel an orange and let dry for a few days this shell. Then crush the shell until it turns into powder and mix in a bowl with a bit of fresh milk.

Put this cream on your skin and leave it for about 30 minutes then you can rinse you with warm water.

Cream of chickpea flour and tomato juice

With this homemade cream clarifies skin for ever since these two foods are very beneficial for the health of the skin.

Only you must mix 5 tablespoons flour chickpeas with two tomato juice. Applied to your skin and leave it at that for about 30 minutes. Then remove with warm water.

Lemon cream and egg white

The use of lemon in a skin whitening cream is really essential since the lemon contains properties that help the skin to keep clear.

clarifies the skin for siemprePara prepare this cream must beat two egg whites with a juicy lemon juice. Apply this cream at night and wash the next morning with an infusion of Chamomile.

With these homemade cream brightens skin forever without worrying that your skin is blotchy. We only use healthy foods that contain necessary vitamins you need your skin to stay white and healthy.

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